CLIENT: MethodGroup Consulting
AGENCY: scottdoesthat creative services

MethodGroup Consulting, a Business Analysis firm, had determined that a ‘refresh’ of all branded materials was required as the company evolved its service offering. Current marketing activities had not received the focused management effort required of a tier 2 professional services provider. The feeling of partners was that their branding was ‘stale’ after four and a half years of operation and required an end-to-end face-lift to assist in developing a ‘strategy for growth’ in the business.
They engaged me (scottdoesthat creative services) on a six month contract to rectify this problem and deliver a new brand positioning and platform that coud assist in empowering staff and raise the businesses profile. An underlying aim to attract a potential buyer for the business was also tabled as a long term goal. The refresh did the trick, the business prospered, the staff were more engaged and it was sold while I was still on contract, much eariler than expected, to RXP services.
Here's just a sample of some of the communications I developed and delivered for MethodGroup.

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