CLIENT: Seed Force Australia
AGENCY: Zebra Direction

Agricultural video and TVC production sounds great if all you need to capture are some farmers and families living the high life on the farm as the sun comes up or sinks down. The landscapes in Australia are brilliant, harsh and majestic. Life on the land can be spectacular and easy to capture. However, when you need to get into the guts of real agricultural TVC production, capturing the detail, it takes a lot of knowledge and expertise.

For example, can you tell the difference between a barley and a wheat crop? I can! 
Do you know your Jerseys from your Holstiens? I do! 
Or can you tell the difference between a ryegrass and clover seed? You bet you I can!

This campaign for Seed Force is one that revolves around one really 'big' idea. It's Seed Forces attempt to break open a market traditional held tightly by big players. There's no doubt myself and those involved have definitely shaken the 'canola and wheat heads' with this work – as we aim to thrust Seed Force into the spotlight and grab a share of the multi-million dollar seed market. And as you can see, it's a campaign idea that will also come to life in the flesh when this 'farm prop' stands proud at the next Field Day or local event Seed Force gets behind! 

RESPONSIBILITIES: Concept Development, TVC Production, Producing, Directing, Script Writing, Art Direction

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