CLIENT: Seed Force Australia
AGENCY: Zebra Direction

Today’s canola growers show strong loyalty to brands and they can be tough to switch across. If it ain't broke, why fix it they say. However, Seed Force’s new range of canola hybrids have an interesting family history behind them, as well as a powerful sales tactic, that was thought to be enough to make them quickly become the new canola family favourite, but only if we could get the message right.

We announced to the key target markets, through targeted communications, that Seed Force’s new range of canola TT hybrids had been bred using the same high performance genetic line as our competitors. (100% true). It was a strategic play to callout the like for like comparison and diminish the value in the brands. Using our competitors products in our ads certainly isn’t the norm, but it re-introduced Seed Force as a player and made the industry take notice. Especially when the big kicker was you could buy the same seed for less cost upfront thanks to a End Point Royalty scheme that was activated.

Results proved the messaging and strategy worked.
> Sales went up by 300%.
> Seed Force’s breeding credentials and capabilities in the market place were raised, through association with the NPZ Germplasm (genetics) and RGT Planet Barley. This would generate future sales opportunity in other lines and services.
> The seed provided resellers a sound alternative to the high upfront/risk of selling competitors Hybrid TT canola. Many of these competitors had kept prices high, knowing their seed was in high demand in the market.
> Cemented Seed Force’s new positioning of providing greater value to growers and resellers, using a strategy that didn’t enter into price war tactics or cut profit margins to achieve sales, awareness and adoption of the new range.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Conceptual Development, Art Direction and Copywriting
A little family spot for the growers to listen too on the tractor and get a chance to meet the family.

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