Since graduating with a BA in Creative Advertising (with distinction) in 1998 and Award School in 2000, I've worked in over a dozen leading Advertising Agencies and private businesses here in Australia and New Zealand as an Art Director, Marketing Creative Director and Graphic Designer. Across this time I've developed key design, strategic and workflow skills to deliver award winning sales and brand driven advertising communications, offering excellent value to many of these businesses.

I've also developed key work experiences across a range of speciality industries, making me a highly sort SME. These industries include agribusiness, pharmaceuticals, industrial manufacturing, quick service restaurants (QSR) and home building and construction. Most of these industries also have strong ties with the retail approach to marketing and advertising, as well as B2B selling. Along with ATL and TTL communications, much of my career has also been spent on the development of BLT communications such as trade presenters, catagloues, product sheets, direct mail (EDM and Postal), point of sale, sales campaigns and online and website communications. Many of these are examples can be found here on my website's home page.
Businesses and their associated industry groups who've benefitted from my creativity
"When initially briefing Scott with what I had in mind for my businesses rebrand and new positioning I mentioned a long term goal of this exercise was to attract potential buyers to the business. Ironically, and I put it squarely down to Scott's efforts, I took a call from a buyer (even though I wasn't considering selling) inside Scott's six month contract and sold the business. If there's a better endorsement for his abilities and business – I'd like to read it."

Craig Roberton, Business Partner, MethodGroup Consulting, Melbourne Australia.

"It took me some convincing to get Scott out of the Advertising Agencies he loved and seated at a desk in my administration office of my Industrial Hose and Fittings business as a marketer, but it was well worth the struggle. Scott gave Purple Pig the spark and creative fire power that assisted in realising the businesses true potential. And he kept the girls in the office giggling!"

Nick Preston, Managing Director, Purple Pig, Melbourne Australia.
"He’s a very talented Art Director with an eye for detail and a perfectionists touch. He is also a far better writer than he gives himself credit for."

Mark Farrelly, Creative Director, MJW Advertising, Melbourne Australia.

"Aussie (can’t win them all), worked on a bunch of mainly retail accounts for me. Lovely design eye and good strategic thinker – kind of bloke you’d happily put in front of any client."

Vaughn Davis, Creative Director, Y&R Auckland, Auckland New Zealand.
"Scott always wanted to be a copywriter but luckily for us here at H&T, he decided his real passion was for Art Direction. Scott has a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Advertising and is also a graduate of the highly-regarded (and difficult to get in to) Award School. His conceptual work is as strong as his art direction and his ideas are as fresh as the fish he’s always trying to catch."

Mark Bell, Senior Writer, H&T Melbourne.

If you need to learn more about my work experience, then please visit my personal LinkedIn page, where you'll find everything you need to know about the people, businesses and agencies I've worked for. As well as gain an understanding on a more personal level of how I'm a dad with twins, a keen fisherman and committee member of Australia' oldest fishing club, a successful artist, sportsman and avid gardener like my grand father.

To work out if I might be the best fit for your agency or business let's do coffee. I'm more than happy to shout a cup of what makes Melbourne such a wonderful city to live in and listen to what you need creative assistance with.

Simply send me a message on LinkedIn, call me on 0449 554 035 or e-mail to arrange a catch up.

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