Multiple creative servicing options
There are a number of ways you can engage me to work for you. I can tailor my employment to best suit your needs and budget.
I can either work as a:
Creative Marketing Director (inhouse)
This option is by where you employ me, not my business, on a signed workplace contact to work as requested full time or part time employee at an agreed salary. Effectively I becomes a staff member and am entitled to all standard government documented employment benefits (eg. superannuation, annual leave/sick leave). Salary is negotiated on the terms of employment,

or as a
Freelance Creative/Art Director (consultant)
In this case you contract scottdoesthat (me) as a business supplier (ABN provided) on a needs basis, lowering your overheads. Rather than add another employee to your business, you simply hire at a daily or hourly rate (or per a negotiated project fee) to deliver you your required creative service.

Remuneration examples:
A. MethodGroup Consulting
MethodGroup employed me as a Marketing Creative Director on a 6 month full time contract to work on-site in the MethodGroup Head Office. I was paid a gross package for the 6 months. I also provided my own computer and design software to be utilised in the contract and charged an appropriate fee.
B. Powell Industrial
Powell Industrial engaged scottdoesthat as business supplier (Freelance Art Director) to assist with creative services work within their business. Based on the high volume of work and relative simplicity an appropriate and affordable hourly rate was agreed to. scottdoesthat logged the work in quarter hour units and at the end of each project delivered (unless the project extends further than 6 weeks) invoices for the total job completed with an expectation of payment to be made within 14 days of invoicing.

To work out if I might be the best fit for your agency or business let's do coffee. I'm more than happy to shout a cup of what makes Melbourne such a wonderful city to live in and listen to what you need creative assistance with.

Simply send me a message on LinkedIn, call me on 0449 554 035 or e-mail to arrange a catch up.
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