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It's been reported the global pandemic has changed work supply engagements. This is not true for scottdoesthat creative services – it's been well ahead of this curve for a long time. For close to a decade remote servicing, onsite hot-desking and a home office set-up has been the status quo. It's ensured delivery of a more streamlined work flow and reduced overheads for businesses who procure scottdoesthat creatives services. Learn about the choices below.

Enjoy the option of multiple creative servicing options to help maximise budgets and delivery.

There are a number of ways you can engage Scott and scottdoesthat creative services. Engagements can be arranged to suit needs and budget.
Engagement choices:
1. Creative Marketing Director (inhouse)
This option is where Scott Gowland (of scottdoesthat creative services) is employed as a consultant, not the business, on a signed workplace contact to work as a full-time or part-time employee at an agreed salary. Effectively Scott becomes a staff member and is entitled to all standard government documented employment benefits (eg. Superannuation, annual leave/sick leave). Salary is negotiated on the terms of employment contract.

2. Freelance Creative (Art Director, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Copywriter, Director, etc)
In this case you contract scottdoesthat creative services as a get registered business supplier (ABN provided) on a needs basis, lowering overheads. Rather than adding another employee, you simply hire at a daily or hourly rate (or a negotiated  project fee) to deliver a required creative service.

Remuneration examples:
A. MethodGroup Consulting
MethodGroup employed Scott Gowland as a Marketing Creative Director on a 6 month full time contract to work on-site deliver a complete rebrand and build a suite of communications materials to drive the businesses brand in market. Scott provided his own computer and design software to be utilised in the contract.

B. Powell Industrial
Powell Industrial engaged scottdoesthat as business supplier to assist with creative services work within their business. Based on the high volume of work and relative simplicity an appropriate and affordable hourly rate was agreed to. Scottdoesthat logged the work in quarter hour units and at the end of each project delivered (unless the project extended past 6 weeks) an invoice were issued.
Let's sip and chat! Allow Scott to shout you a cup and listen to what you need creative assistance with or to get some free friendly project advice.
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