In NZ, Liquorland is a very different brand to the Australian version. Creatively Liquorland is sold to the punters as a Sovereign State and a place you can cross the border to get your liquor supplies. It has its own Prime Minister, a Queen, a Liquor Cabinet and even its own set of laws.

Below are examples of the various cycle/sale campaigns I helped produce for Liquorland NZ. Each sales campaign usually consisted of a mixture of instore point of sale pieces (posters, door decals, shelf wobblers and price points), a Fly Buys focused Direct Mail piece, radio ad, billboards, online web banners and a landing page for the website. As the sole Art Director on the account it was my job to uphold, create and run the laws of design at Liquorland. Heavily conceptually based and art intensive I was dubbed the Minister for Propaganda and made sure we kept the brand fresh and relevant to the public. 
CLIENT: Liquorland NZ
RESPONSIBILITIES: Art Direction, Illustration and Conceptual Development.

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