CLIENT: Ridley Agriproducts
AGENCY: Zebra Direction

Ridley is one of Australian largest animal feed producers. They manufacturer performance feeds to assist in the heath and wellbeing of companion and farmed animals. Recent years have seen an increase, and at times, the unsolicited over use of pharmaceuticals in farming approaches. This has started the breeding of 'super bugs', who can't be controlled by current vaccines or medicines, along with rendering antibiotics to be less and less effective in the control of major diseases. The cost to agricultural production is rapidly mounting.

To combat this, Ridley introduced an Antibiotic Stewardship Plan, that aims to educate and better plan the use of pharmaceuticals in agriculture. To launch this program a national tour to all Ridley sites and corporate farms was rolled out where this video was used to open the presentations.

The concept was styled around the classic 1980's arcade game Space Invaders. Those who sat through the 1 hour education session quickly realised this issue was no game and that Ridley was prepared to begin to shirt the mindset on the overuse of antibiotics.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Concept Development, Video Production, Producing, Script, Storyboarding and Art Direction

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