CLIENT: Seed Force Australia
AGENCY: Zebra Direction

Tough love. It hurts. It's what Seed Force went through when the ad agency I work for told them a recent brand review had put there their brand awareness somewhere down near the very bottom of a long list of competitors after many years of hard work. We had to change the narrative and start to extract more from their marketing and help them get better traction as their new ad agency. 

Fortunately they had a great product. A malt barley that every grower loved and wanted. So what was proposed was that we used this product to give their brand and business a piggy back. Because oddly enough Seed Force had never been recognised as the maker and distributor in Australia.

At first, when this TVC concept and strategy was presented, it was a bitter pill to swallow. It put light on the businesses branding awareness issue again. However, brave clients are good clients. The TVC was made on a small budget and ran. Immediately growers pinned the barley seed and it's story to the Seed Force brand. It gave Seed Force a platform, that is still working and building built on today.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Strategy, Concept Development, TVC Production, Producing, Directing, Script Writing, Art Direction

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