CLIENT: Barenbrug Australia
AGENCY: Zebra Direction

Certainty is no laughing matter for Aussie growers and producers – you can see it on their faces. Facial lines tell the stories of a lives made from worry and hard work, with a lot of good times thrown in between. So when you ask the men, woman and families working this land what matters most to them, they wont sugar coat the response or beat around the bush. Confidence in the ‘tools’ they use to get the results they want rates number one.

The Challenge
Create a brand campaign that runs throughout the year alongside the more specific seasonal product campaigns. Focussed on communicating Barenbrug’s ‘Grow with Confidence’ brand positioning by using each of its brand proof points to drive the creative execution.

The Solution
A multi-channel campaign aimed at growers and producers, celebrating the ‘true grit’ of the people who work the land. Taking the form of a question and answer testimonial answered by the grower in a no-nonsense, brass tacks manner. Common vernacular is used to add authenticity and the messaging implies that Barenbrug understands the needs of the grower and has the ‘tools’ to fulfil that need.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Conceptual Development, Copywriting and Art Direction

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