AGENCY: Zebra Direction 
CLIENT: Heritage Seeds/Barenbrug

Heritage Seeds is a leading Australian seed company. Their high quality seed, backed by world leading R&D has placed them as a true leader in their field and Australian Agriculture. Their parent company Barenbrug, decided a global brand realignment was necessary, requiring the well known and grower favourite Heritage Seeds to change its brand name to Barenbrug.

Like all of these projects, it did come with some specific activities that were required to facilitate the change-over and help it succeed:
> A new brand style needed to be created that aligned to norther hemisphere marketing
> Growers, agronomists and seed resellers needed to understand the change and be transitioned to ensure they didn't see this as a take-over of their favourite seed to grow
> Multiple local and overseas stakeholders had be supported and engaged
> The unique product set, not found in other Barenbrug businesses around the globe, needed to managed

To kick off the name change, a pair of specific Northern and Southern Australian TVCs were produced to do the heavy lifting and announce the global rebrand. The TVCs focussed on the longevity of Heritage Seeds being the local name of the Barenbrug here in Australia for more than 30 years, advising rural communities that the only things that changing is the name – the business and seed will still be one and the same. 

RESPONSIBILITIES: Campaign Development, Concept Development, Branding, Scripting, Storyboards, TVC Production, Art Direction, Directing. 
These TVCs required a national production program. Seven locations were used. Goondiwindi, Mackay, Dandenong and Howlong made up just a few of the stops where real growers, producers, local families and Barenbrug staff were used as talent in the productions – giving them real authenticity. More of the captured footage was then used to generate vignettes and shot videos for social posts as well as banked material to enhance future projects.

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