CLIENT: Seed Force Australia
AGENCY: Zebra Direction

Australian broadacre farmers grow all manner of crops. Wheat, sorghum, chickpeas and canola are the big ones and so is barley. For those who might not understand why we grow barley, I'll let you in on a secret. It is often grown to produce our nations favourite tipple - BEER!

Yes, barley is used in the creation of beer – lots of it. Not just any barley, special malt approved varieties. So to improve the awareness of Seed Force's RGT Planet Barley recently being ticked to be used in the beer malting process here Australia, we gave growers the liberty to title themselves as 'Beer Growers'. And of course wanted them to share with us images of their RGT Planet 'beer garden's!'

The “I Grow Beer” promotional campaign featured across DM, eDM and social platforms, where we delivered thousands of items of Seed Force branded merchandise to the who'd chosen to grow Seed Force barley. Not only to celebrate Seed Force, but to celebrate them, celebrate beer and reinforce the two brands.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Conceptual Development and Art Direction

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